Following another volatile trading session which saw plenty of two-way price action, U.S. Equity Markets finished yesterday’s session mixed, led by a 0.19% gain in the Dow. Despite weakening investor sentiment, key earnings reports have helped to even out some of the present volatility plaguing the market. This is because roughly 80% of the S&P 500 companies that have reported thus far have provided figures above Wall  Street’s estimates – including Microsoft (MSFT), Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG), and Lucid (LCID). However, major concerns remain. Investors continue to focus on aggressive policy by the Federal Reserve, a potential slowdown in global growth, as well as broader geopolitical issues. The U.S Dollar is also currently nearing its highest level in five years thanks to rising interest rates attracting foreign bond investments. This indicates to some analysts that U.S. growth may outpace the rest of the world. And while this can have a positive impact on manufacturing imports, it can hurt major U.S. exporters due to the Dollar’s greater value over foreign currencies. Within the S&P 500, five of the 11 sectors finished higher. European Markets closed higher. Russia said it will cut off natural gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland, following through on a declaration that it will refuse delivery to countries unwilling to pay in Rubles. The Confederation of British Industry’s Retail Sales numbers for April were below expectations, as the volume of orders placed continued to drop. German Consumer Confidence figures for May were weaker than expected, as individuals expect costs to continue rising and business conditions to deteriorate. German Minister for Economic Affairs Robert Habeck said the country has reduced dependence on Russian oil enough that it can handle a full European embargo. In Asia, Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly told his cabinet that the country’s economic output goal for this year is to beat U.S. Gross-Domestic-Product growth. Semiconductor manufacturer SK Hynix reported disappointing first-quarter operating profit, saying computer and smartphone chip demand will remain weak in the first half of the year. Japan’s government said it will introduce $48.5 billion worth of measures to help ease the rising costs of fuel and food for businesses and households. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida encouraged Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda to continue working toward the 2% inflation target. Elsewhere, Oil rose 0.39% following Russia’s decision to halt oil deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria, while Gold fell a further 1.09% after equity markets saw some improvement.

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