U.S. Equity Markets surged yesterday, led by the incredible 7.49% gain in the NASDAQ 100. This across the board rally saw the VIX close lower by 10% at a price of 23.53. Markets ended the session higher after October headline and core Consumer Price Index (“CPI”) data from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics came in lower than expected – with the lowest annualised figure since January. Investors are optimistic that easing inflation figures would preclude a pivot from the Federal Reserve. Additionally, Fedspeak leaned dovish as multiple nonvoting members asserted the need for slowing the pace of interest-rate hikes. The Dollar fell significantly because of the softer-than-expected CPI print and changes to the Fed’s policy outlook. And cryptocurrencies saw another day of volatile trading due to the fallout from the FTX exchange’s collapse. Within the S&P 500 Index, all 11 sectors finished higher. European Markets surged. Markets ended higher following another relatively quiet day of economic data news. Equities received momentum from the lower U.S. inflation print – which also spurred a rally for the Euro and Pound. The European Central Bank’s (“ECB”) bulletin stated that high inflation will continue for an extended period. The ECB’s Edward Scicluna said inflation may peak in Europe if peace between Russia and Ukraine is reached. And industry data showed hiring by U.K. firms has slowed, and that home purchases were cancelled at fastest rate since the great financial crisis. In Asia, Markets ended lower as economic sentiment and COVID-19 worries continue to fuel investor pessimism. China’s COVID-19 outbreak remains a focus, as the country reported nearly 9,000 new infections. Hopes of reopening are losing some traction as restrictions tighten in several regions. Reserve Bank of Australia Deputy Governor Michele Bullock said the central bank is nearing a point where it can consider pausing rate hikes – despite the National Australia Bank’s latest Business Confidence survey showing another jump in inflation expectations. Meanwhile, the Bank of Japan’s Haruhiko Kuroda said that it will centre any exit from loose monetary policy on the pace of interest-rate hikes and adjustments to the bank’s balance sheet. Elsewhere, Oil closed 0.44% higher while Gold rallied 2.64% higher on a much softer Dollar.

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