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Opinion – Friday 25 May 2018

Geopolitics is well and truly back with President Trump announcing yesterday afternoon that the proposed June 12 Summit in Singapore he was to have with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is off. Initial thoughts ran to Trump’s recent comments speaking aloud about the possibilities on whether the meeting may or may not occur and that even if this one did not occur, it might occur later. Trump comments sounded more decisive/final though he did say later that a meeting could occur later, but if North Korea does the right things, setting the bar higher.

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Opinion – Thursday 24 May 2018

The risk off tone that started just before I posted yesterday morning, amid a 3% drop in the Turkish Lira and stalling news on US-China trade talks, extended into the European session courtesy of underwhelming PMI’s in the Euro-Zone and a soft CPI print in the UK....

Opinion – Wednesday 23 May 2018

There have been no major economic releases over the past 24 hours and the news has been more of another instalment of recent themes. China trade tension news was risk-supportive, China announcing a cut from July 1 of car tariffs from 25% to 15% and some car parts to...


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